Laminated Wooden Hangers

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    Laminated wooden hangers provide a very light contemporary feel, which is enhanced by the shiny chrome hooks, bar and metalwork. At the same time, the crescent-shape of darker natural wood at the neck of each laminated wood hanger creates a contrast and point of interest. Whilst offering a choice of size and thickness, all our laminated wooden hangers are flat, so helping both retail and domestic customers to make the best use of hanging space where this is limited.

    Our laminated suit hanger boasts a transparent non-slip plastic sleeve to hold trousers securely without creasing them. Our laminated wooden jacket hanger also has a broad non-slip rubber strip on the shoulders, with the added attraction of being the cheapest specialist jacket hanger in the entire CDC wooden hanger portfolio!

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SKU 402-676
Box of 100 Hangers
SKU 402-695
Box of 100 Hangers
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Box of 60 Hangers

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