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    Knitwear requires special care to make sure it is displayed securely, attractively and in a way that keeps its shape. Most plastic hangers are too narrow and slippery or may buckle under the weight.

    We offer specialist knitwear hangers. Our black and white MSMK45 plastic hangers include special non-slip knitwear ridges, on shoulders that are sufficiently wide and level to support the shape of jumpers and other knitwear.

    Our newest range of PVC coated metal hangers is ideal for knitwear The metal frame gives extra strength to the join between the hook and the bar, while the soft PVC coating gives an excellent non-slip quality. That's particularly useful for knitwear and the coating also makes a serviceable hanger look stylish.

    Our new velvety soft-touch jacket hanger has a similar non-slip effect and provides a stunning backdrop for any garment, particularly if printed with your brand logo.

    If you have any doubts about which hanger will be best for your knitwear, we’ll be more than happy to send you a free sample to try out before you commit to full box quantities.

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Box of 180 Hangers
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Box of 180 Hangers
Box of 230 hangers
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Box of 100 Hangers
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Box of 100 hangers
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Box of 100 hangers
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Box of 200 Hangers

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