Crescent Range

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    Our new Crescent Range offers a stylish contemporary option in black plastic hangers. The high quality smooth plastic and attractive design are matched by its toughness and U-shape structure, which give maximum strength and durability.

    It’s available in 3 widths – 30cm, 42cm and 45cm – so it’s ideal for retailers who stock a range of sizes for children, ladies and men. Notches add further versatility, so that skirts can be hung, as well as dresses, coats, shirts and other tops garments.

    A particular feature is the gentle slope of the shoulders, which makes the Crescent Range ideal for knitwear and other heavy items that might slip off an ordinary plastic coat hanger.

    Finally, the distinctive semi-circular neck (which gives the range its name) is ideally prominent for printing your logo and displaying it to advantage.

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Box of 400 Hangers
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Box of 250 Hangers
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Box of 250 Hangers

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