Plastic Coat and Clothes Hangers

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    Variety and choice are the keywords for our plastic clothes hanger portfolio – beyond that, the range is almost too wide to sum up!

    We aim to have exactly the right plastic hangers for all our customers whether that’s:

    • Coordinated ranges for boutiques and designer fashion outlets
    • Cheap coat hangers in bulk for sales or back-of-shop
    • Multipurpose suit hangers in a range of exploding colours
    • Specialist products, like heavy duty car mat hangers.

    Add in the usual variety of types – trouser hangers, jacket and suit hangers, shirt hangers - and you’ll see why it’s so hard to encapsulate.

    And, as you browse through, don’t forget that almost all our hangers can be printed with your logo, so even the most unassuming black plastic coat hanger can suddenly spring to life!

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