Metal and and PVC Coated Hangers

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    Metal & Wire Hangers

    If you’re looking for strong, durable heavy duty metal clips hangers, we have two great options for you to choose from. We can supply the standard chrome clip hanger in both 30 and 40cm or the more stylish brushed chrome in 40cm with full swivel hook. All three are supplied with rubber grips and adjustable clips. We complement these hangers with a single metal clip hanger, which can be used to hang boots, towels, gloves etc. In addition, we stock the universal 40cm laundry wire hanger, which is primarily used for dry cleaning and ironing.

    Ultra-strong PVC Coated Metal Hangers

    Our newest range of hangers is also our strongest! The metal frame gives extra strength to the join between the hook and the bar, while the soft PVC coating gives an excellent non-slip quality. That's particularly useful for knitwear and the coating also makes a serviceable hanger look stylish.

    Three of the four tops hangers include a bar and hooks, so they can also be used for trousers, skirts and suits - and for all ages as the smallest hanger is only 30cm wide. One has broad (3.2cm) shoulders, making it ideal for high quality suits. The matching clip hanger has plastic grips concealed within the attractive brushed chrome clips, to reduce any marking to the garment.

    The whole range is slim, making the best use of space on a rail.

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