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    CDC offers a mix of stylish kids’ hangers – wooden, plastic and satin padded – with a range of types and prices.

    Our classic white wooden and natural wooden suit hangers with bar and notches are 30cm wide, so are able to hang a range of kids’ clothing sizes. The exquisite ivory satin padded hanger, with bow and shoulder buttons, is available in 26cm and 30cm so can cater for even younger children as well. It’s very popular for flower girl and bridesmaid’s dresses and other occasion wear.

    With plastic hangers, we offer a similar of choice of 26cm and 30cm in both black and white plastic. These 4 tops hangers are aimed at higher volume retailers and prices start at just £10 per 100 – a 30cm black plastic clip hanger with adjustable clips is also available. In addition, we offer higher end plastic children’s hangers for outlets that require a more distinctive style.

    Don’t forget that all our kids’ hangers form part of wider ranges, so are ideal for retailers who want to incorporate them into a broader shop-fitting scheme, alongside adult clothing.

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SKU 402-658
Box of 100 hangers
SKU 404-220
Box of 100 hangers
SKU 402-624
Box of 100 Hangers
SKU 402-462
Box of 100 Hangers
SKU 405-014
Box of 100 Hangers
SKU 405-020
Box of 100 Hangers
SKU 404-064
Box of 600 Hangers
SKU 404-066
Box of 500 Hangers
SKU 404-063
Box of 600 Hangers
SKU 404-065
Box of 500 Hangers
SKU 404-052
Box of 400 Hangers
SKU 406-330
Box of 600 Hangers
SKU 402-358
Box of 100 hangers

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