Black Wooden Hangers

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    CDC’s black wooden hanger collection includes some of our most popular styles. Our matt black wood hanger range offers great flexibility for retailers with lots of different garments to display as we can supply both ladies’ and men’s broad jacket hangers, specialist trouser hangers with non-slip coating alongside the usual tops, suit and trouser hangers.

    They can also be used in combination with our white wooden hangers to present a stylish contrast (for instance to contrast women’s and men’s clothing), as both have the same type of contemporary quality feel.

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SKU 402-400
Box of 100 Hangers
SKU 402-406
Box of 100
SKU 402-424
Box of 100 Hangers
SKU 402-418
Box of 100
SKU 402-410
Box of 24 Hangers
SKU 402-412
Box of 24 Hangers
SKU 402-420
Box of 100 Hangers

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